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as a brother with a fucked up hairline i thought yall should share the love

and this

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Monday, October 1, 2007

RELATE ON A HUMANE LEVEL aka - if you dont get a little misty over this then you aint worth shit

man - erase the racism yall - all this strife and beef is really just power systems - lets not forget who we can be - WHO WE CAN BE - aight - peace one love

Sunday, September 30, 2007

"it was mandatory i had to retaliate" Iron Mike


Saturday, September 29, 2007

YOUR lil HIT-ler (edit) that probably wouldnt work as a term meaning "i am great at seeing what kind of songs should be hits "


HEY - ZEUS - too long - for a re up -
1st check out my money making blog- i where i sell beats and rhymes - come on daddy need a new lease on life -

CLICK here if yall wanna DOWN lIZZI

aight - just some stuff that ya boy likes-

see and FUCK wRONg-SON- cause see - i taught that lil hoe how to dj in exchange for making beats and - he flaked on his end of the deal - but i still love this bitch Amy W.H.'s voice ---shes is bad- fuck context - or who she is biting -whatevs - the bitch is bad - and she is taking that to the bank - shit if you blew up like that and had that gift of transference - and then were surrounded by all that fakery ( hahahah fuckery- see thats the alternate name of the track ) - shit that like a church in los vegas - an innocent in a den of vipers- who wouldn't be self medicating - girl i am here for you - don't extinguish your joy - to cope with the bullshit - much love -

and now (ala MONTY Python) for something completely different

this is what must'a happened to the dork who put together that hitler shit
an amoeba got into the fuckers ear canal -

6 Die From Brain-Eating Amoeba in Lakes
read it - its KKKKRAZZZY
go fuck your dead hams

tell you what i would like to find a chick with a culo like this - and squirt some amoebas ALL OVER IT COTT DAYUM

AND LASTLY BLACK PEOPLE - STOP WITH THE BLUE TOOTH - THAT SHIT MEANS YOUR A BIG FAG- JUST STOP - - of course i would never say that to melle mell unless i was ready to take out the Hammer

PLUS WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH MELLE MEL BIG ASS HEAD- DAMN - BREATHE DOGS- BREATHE - YOU GOT TO MUCH PRESSURE BUILDING UP THERE- SHEEET look at him in comparison to this little ivy league beige mofo next to him - melle never pose with people unless you can take like three steps back to balance things out -

aight -

no more fuckery -
I love my girl Gabi -

peace -e

Sunday, September 9, 2007


MAN - i think this dude says craka too much in this song what do yall think - hes like the black Michael Richards- like i been in fuckin the bullpens and heard dudes saying craka this craka that- and there aint no way that shit is a term of endearment like the word nigga can be- THAT IS UNTILL NOW- from now on e'rybody is gonna be craka - "my craka" - "chill my craka"- just the 5% brovas used to call everybody God - "ayo Peace God" - Gumar Oz Dubar -

Peace Kraka-

i had like-ted-ed it -

-ITS LIKE porno for racial epithets here- like nuthing but a fetish highligh loop - one thousand hot _______ fill in the blanks - - this is either the most real shit ever- or some wannabe thug fakery - either way its a masterpiece - its just TOO vivid- aint it doe -


Monday, September 3, 2007

big update 9/03

Preliminary things...

what do Mexicans love as much as brothers and sistas love the brown and gold Louis Vuiton signature fabric - what...tortillas? - beer?- tatoos?? that pum pom pum pom tuba music MADE buy the guys in the wranglers and feathered cowboy hats?- I DON'T NOW - but shit, if you are boning a black chick and you show up at the crib with some LOUIE you will probably get a BJ on the spot (heheh there was a nerd Puerto Rican with a public access show who called himself BJ on the spot - on reflection thats a wac name lil bro)- or what?? YEH? - okay dagoes seem to love that shit too ( THATS THE ITALIAN broads- ooh those bitches drive me crazy Donna-Gina-Debbie at least from a sort of fantastical ideation framework, somehow their vulgarity is stimulating - maybe its just a women thing- that whole luxurious luggage thing - but seriously that "man with some womanly shit( i mean you kanagaygay WEST) is not whats good- And that is definitely a black thing- i remember seeing the kangol kid FROM UTFO in a video rocking a lancome teeshirt- some shit that his girlfriend probably got as a freebie from Macy's with a purchase - and some how an attempt to express the notion of casual luxury - but thats a few degrees away from wearing a monistat shirt - like that shit is for GURLZ ONLY- NOT BROLIC HOMEBOYS - im LIKE: HOW IN THE FUCK can a black man that doesn't have moist ass seriously walk around with womens shit LIKE THAT -a big rich woman's bag- SOME FIFTH AVENUE BROAD LOOKING LIKE LAUREN BACALL HAILING A TAXI - ie something that Oprah might have in HER CLOSET ( ok i bet some Wiggas are running around with some upholstered whips with LV and all that like this idiot with the cornarollas- and yes all white people with cornrollas are MORONS -)

its a numbers game chances are if you walk like you got an egG balanced between your THIGHS and you got the LV back pack you are a bahhty boy - SEEN - now when slick rick had the louie toiletries bag that he dipped for when he saw Kane with his G in "teenage love" that was different - cause he was going for the burner -- plus rick had that whole West Indian thing - and er'body know -those ninjas are crazy - word!!! Jamaicans from ages 18- 23 or 4 - I don't wanna know nuffin about - you
well maybe the girls
ok first off--- the fact that these idiots ARE not having a solemn day on 9/11 is pure fuckery !!!by idiots i mean everyone that was over 18 yrs old when the shit went down in 2001 - - ninjas need to chill!!!( on some EPMD shit homey) - sit the fuck down and contemplate-the fuck you acting like its all sun and jelly beans and traa la la la la la - you need to respect New York baby pa-
- 9/11 should be a national day of mourning- if not 50 yrs in the future- at least right now we should show respect -here - in the present - while the war that it proximately caused still consumes the grist of this fucked up processing station called corporation America -

see- 9/11, THATS OUR generations Kennedy ASSASSINATION -- but wait -except IT WAS OF A EVEN GREATER magnitude THAN THE KENNEDY KILLING - at least on plane-day 2001 ( yeah maybe if Kennedy weren't killed-ed then we wouldn't have gone all in in Vietnam and a whole generation of 50 and 60 somethings might not have been hippies etc and 58k would not have died in the rice paddies etc ) still point blank without attenuated reasoning a - TOTAL OF "LIKE" 8000 AMERICANS( 3000 on tower day and the rest within the up to now and the foreseeable future) CIVILIANS AND MILITARY AND ALLAH KNOWS HOW MANY iraqi MEN WOMEN AN CHILDREN HAVE PERISHED (dont klik this link its FUKKKKED UP ) - 6 FIGURES perhaps -
this is meshugunah George bush's idiotic fault- what a dickhead- hes supposed to be the fucking president - shit - i want someone who can demonstrate some basic qualities in life before going into office - the first is analytical ability - ie the kind of guy that can read data himself and not merely rely on the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - then i want a guy with ethics/ while not being a total milquetoast schmuck and then i want the guy to surrounds himself with a team of bad ass muthfukkas just like that, so they can discuss ponder and deliberate things - before proceeding on jaunty ventures- FUKKIN CRAKAS- -- -as bol says craka ass crakas( is that an eddie murphy reference)

thIS 9/11 IS still important - have we EVEN been subject to any kind of attack on our land since the civil war- or the Spanish American war- i mean just asking -

also think about how much suffering that moment in time has caused- you know its about proportionality - the USS COLE - it was fucked up, but 9/11 spiraled out and over into to a cesspool - bathing our country in the toilet of greed and carnage and incompetence that is the modern Iraq experience - and now ninjas is doing the muthafukkin money and power big willie -hat dance - on that day -" i get money- i wear louie V", i mean why on 9/11- that is gonna fuck up your bottom line so much - you assholes - to fucking do it on a non Tuesday ( fukking record company sound scan system suck my dick )
its all "me me me me me" - these are the same brothers who say - "yo that 9/11 shit got no relevance to me sun !- im about getting paper sun - i need to eat sun -i fuck bitches and get money sun !! "- and those southern ninjas- JesuChrist come on Martin and Malcolm died for you dogs shit was Pretty OK in the north - yall couldn't even pop a boner without scaring whitey and getting lynched back in the day - oh yeah here is some fucked up shit and any real reverse racist fucks that are like yeh - these here olfays probably deserved it can JUST EXPIRE right now - like die scumbag - imediately ( they fucking carjacked the dude and his chick and fucked em both (BOTH) oh Jesus avenging angel burn your lesson into the souls of these men, and everyone who neglected them and let them degenerate into the living demons they were on the night of this atrocity ( yeh i got myself a gun too ZIGGY ZAUER and i cant wait to send a demon back to hell on some dusk til dawn shit ) - death 4 all right right!!!
yeah - but eat Monday - or wednsday - why Tuesday the eleventh
i- i - its all about I ain't no I & I, it's just I, I :-ay yaay yay - oi ga vault - and its not just the fucking schvartzes - its those duckpining TI's(see my man-zino BOL if you aint hip to the TI"S) - come on jewish people - - your gonna have to stage this rapper coon war between the thug gorilla and the bourgeois gay-gay on the WAR day - subtle subtle - like sending a turd in a mailbox - fucking may h_s_em's wrath be upon you -

and kanye get off the louis vuiton dick - man enuff is too much already - dogs !!! that shit was fly IN 86 -so if you bring it back flip it- right - not wrong you little big knuckle dragging big size 14 foot, 5 foot 7 inch tall muthfukka -
my man the crack dealing negro A to the muthafukin J ( i found you on Google my niiiiiiah ) - the basketball playing - drug scrambling - hollow gold chain wearing -drinking 40's in the day time , had his first little crumb snatching kid at 15 with a 27 year old hoochie - fucking bitches everyday in the Harlem ghetto-winter time, resting on the radiator so his ass was darker than the rest of him(thats what he said bitches used to playfully make fun of him about, sort of subtle right? while bragging about the sheer chamberlain numbers he was laying down in the pussy department , a little self deprecating jab at himself to --be more believable ?)- this is the the brother - who taught me how to be blackish- how girls that the whiteboys thought were fat were really thick when they had the right proportions and a lot of potatoes feeding up that rump sack - we used to practice ditty bops- ie ghetto walks -the one who told me about the Rice dance and how they were stealing shit by throwing the leather bombers and sheepskins out the window-told me a crazy rumor about jam master jay robbing grandmaster flash's chain - that Afrikaa Bambatta was an insane leader of a gang called ZULU and to quote the homey-"yo that nigga be sittin in a house full of coke with machine guns and shit " - totally butchering the legacy of Bamm ( as a beacon of the beautiful social force called hip hop- ie if you got a beef take to the floor SUBLIMATION and civilization of the degraded ghettoized impulse to burn a nigg with a gem-star or stab or punch etc. ) just to impress me the "light skinned-ed" cat that was too cool for the brigade of alex, davids and sams that populated my experimental hippie grade school - -
That was when wearing fuckin ghetto- ed out louis vuition was fly - back in 86 when this numbskull hooligan was walking down 110th st and Broadway and i was, i think ,going to 86th Lowes to see the Runing Man( with my mom and pop) and the homey had a LV members-only jacket and of course the matching cap - - still that was 21 - mutha fuking years ago ye -ye - the fly shit au currant at the time - this was not retro dog this was the state of the art - -- that new ghetto Louie shit is CORNY - even if its the real deal -a really fly player and not a label whore would be rocking mcm ---MCM u heard !!! thats right bitch - MCM - see big daddy kane in the lean on me video- and you know i am right - or maybe the polo emblem ( cause they never did that signature shit - see that is straight hip hop culture of appropriation and innocence and playfulness- or even better bust out pattern NIKE emblems- - casue that what b-boying is all about - originality in how you re purpose the artifacts of the post modernity -- chopping shit up making it funky - making something out of nothing -making TRANSFORMERS - digital life animating the inanimate - and i'm not talking about those wobbly cgi vibrators either my ninja - - got some other jewels but im keep em close to the vest- see they are just setting you guys up on some thrilla in manilla the- scary street brother and the crazy talking accessible brother -

they just having you do this shit my brothers

and for that cock blister who was talking smack in the comments this ones for your festering asshole - Asshole !!

Hi ho silver sun dunny unbuckle my scabbard
out of the woodwork come crawling the pus filled maggots
attacking but they caught a blast like Brazilian runways
im space baking and I live high inside the sun rays

I love cats that think they could ever get on my level
you not little scrappy, little hoe -your just scrap metal
im too advanced - I build with mechanical plants
im smart like them white boys at def jux if they could dance

see - the atlas is full of geographic locations
for where mini atom bombs need catch detonations
and slave ships dunny – mad people still on ‘em
except that its going to place hotter than Russell Simmons sauna

you’re a goner
hey pal here to your next dose of aids ebloa
may you be turned out like light skinned broads by tommy mattola
more Mazola – up in ya like last tango in paris
it’s the gong show – fuck outta here like chuck barris

its hell – not up in Harlem – it’s a spiritual situation
where fags are the butlers and whore are the maidens
an eternal burning party is what is awaiting
John saw them coming when he saw revelations

im summoning spirits right now as I sway this chant
not any warlock bullshit this is the white wizard dance
Enhance…listen to the sublims in my skit
enough to cause Marylyn Manson to slit his wrists

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


WTF - this is in some millionare's basement - he was a nerd like Schroeder on silver spoons who now is a 45 yr old weirdo with anamatronic friends- scary stuff - (nah just wildin) but the sync is pretty ill YES??? holla - c'mons content?!?!?! hells yeah!! -im like having a a cool mofo at your home with the remote control-

like smoking a joint with bob marley
im hardly
pressed for impressions
take no half stepping
raw prduct like kane hittin nasal membrane
dont u know im loco
deeper then Jacques Cousteau in Acapulco
run amok put ya best comp in a choke hold
driniking old gold -
cant fuk with steel reserve
shit made me thorw bolts - lighting strikes the curb
like zeus from olympus
i kill the competition like lone wolf killed the ninjas

OOH i got some shit sun - YO THIS STARTS HERE ManNYNewYork- WEBSLINGER® yo im starting a company with that name 2morrow and i claim it as a trademark right mutha fukkin now- lawyer business - seen(yeh i curse alot 2 sorry banner you the man probably just jealous cause you that dude see below)


last night-
went to the spot called sol on the west side - black woman extraordinare vivica fox was there for her birthday party - she is extraordinare cause she is beginning to look bugged the fuck out with all that west coast magic face love that she fukkin wif {BTW Koury Angelo is the greatest/coolest PHOTOGRAPHER and all the dope photos of the event last night are owned by him so holla at that young pimp}
see dlisted
 party supposed to be at 9:00 PM - WHICH IS RIDICULOUS FOR NYC - open bar right? SO IT CANT BE WRONG! - - wrong !- PLAYED THE OUTSIDE - you know that mannyNY loves girls que tiene culo gigante
LIKE THIS==> ==> ==>

so just keepin tabs- on em waiting for the homey K boogs to show up -
we go in, its still dumb early - like 10 ish - right to the bar i got KUNG FU Kaplan- the martial arts instructor / rabbi lookin bensonhurst nutjob who gives Manny man a run for the title of MR.SUPERNEWYORK - BUT NOT QUITE cause the boroughs will always be bridge and tunnel branded -ain't that right Davey disco?? -
ANYWAZ KAPLAN who was so down for liters of free vodka that he jumped in a cab from the village-WAS COOl- no gripe at all - much cooler than i would have been when - the little long island tart/fart in her tank top and bluejeans goes-"sorry we ran out of the stuff the sponsor was giving away a half hour ago- no more open bar" so back ass-wards!!! did they give your station 2 fukkin bottles-
 Joe one blood cops some beers but the dude is obviously suffering from i-smell-a-gang-of cunt-itis and can't think clearly, cause he hands me an AMSTEL LIGHT- which is gayer than a tree full of parrots
 inside the club - which ironically is named sol( sun in espanish) its colder than Helsinki - still quite a few real talented broads are walking around in 10 dollar dresses and making the the stretch fabric of those mini skirts an afterthought- HMM but damn if there ain't A LOT of homo type black dudes waltzin around up in here- bunch of big assed chicks and gay dudes-??? at 10:30?? how does that auger for this party -
 you see when around sisters/la-tinas & basicaly any newyorkified type chicks and definitely any west Indian gyals , when around these ladies in the disco, my favorite favorite thing is to do the my dick is on your ass dance- which is what everyone is looking forward to right?? so im thinking unless we get more non gay dudes in here to sort of join in this urban version of square dancing/mating ritual, its just gonna be me walking around with the beginnings of a hard on, being like KNOCK KNOCK rub rub, anybody home - ie some behavior that when not en mass should require a "go directly to jail" card!
look over above the initial bar space - there is the rest of the club laid out in swaths of purple and green light - the vivica fox image is projected on the exposed brick face- and the Gargantua of skull island seems to be guarding entry on the stairway leading up- to Jose -"yo is that VIP" "Yo whats good , holla at the dude who was with old girl, that let us in at the gate"
 fuck it, i breeze through on the other side - ahh now this is what im talking about - butt galore- one chick in particular - stereotypical pr features - the PR girl hair, curly like them old school telephone cords or that cork screw pasta with some lighten up shit that makes the hair slightly orange-y..
 WHO-WEEEE wat a culo that shit makes me want to hang her on a hook and beat those slabs like rocky in the meat locker, slabs upon slabs of beef - got to get a good quality digital cam or a treo or something!!
she is with a damn a crew of super bad hoes(no imus) - i can tell cause they all have the same "imma show the crack of my ass with these jeans" philosophy, and nary one of them is wearing a dress-or anything to buck the uniform trend, they are are dancing in a circle facing each other, what are they telepathically communicating to each other "ooh muy sexy annie . tan sexy dolores ooh keisha morenita preciosa do you gurl" " -
jesus Newyork, what a mind fuck, i told you i look like tom hanks and i'm over here possessed by an irresistible impulse to jump the hindquarters of the queen of the Hottentots- - its moments like these that i say damn i gots to go home and work out cause if i got a chance to climb that mountain i need to be tight like Bruce lee poppin his wings out in Dragon - yeh its getting crunk.
Now the parties demographic is balanced- plenty of chix- and now regular dudes, large city dwelling brothers rolling through walking around with bottles of goose - the girls - that scent, brough to you (by strippers probably) cunt masker, the discerning ladies pussy cologne: if your junk stinks he wont know till its too late- plenty of rice and beans or chicken and waffle containers for the pant press rubadub
OH SHIT - SHAQ- that dude is momentous-like gravitational pull style - its like you just wanna hug that guy- in a way its like how Mexicans like to touch the bellies of midgets on some primal shit -
 so a whole bunch of whatever whatever for a few hours- shake it - do the latest
mass media dance from the impoverished sector of the USA- solja boy??? - basically pantomiming a hump off - booty rocking etcetera, what have you...( note to club owner/mafiosi for black music YOU MUST HAVE A SYSTEM THAT CAN HANDLE BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS- this is not the bon jovi treble fest at the mall these people have got to feel the music in there chest, so get it fucking right) - the highlight of the night - my dear friend and HuMAN embodiment of the Google stock phenomena( KA-CHING) casually saunters through the venue
that is one cheerful looking guy-
YES could it be - the black prince could i be right, kid dyn-0-mite - yes Capital One-
the harlem savior - the VOICE - WHAT UP CAP -


lets go-

ok this is me buggin out on the 1000 holla @ me -i got them beats to go -

Monday, August 20, 2007

you this shit is hilariouso!!! MUcho - i was on supa's site checking out the Mika album preview the sound of which is like eating watermelon jolly ranchers, nerds and gummy bears and that liquid sugar the chinos use for there iced tea drinks with the tapioca - a little too plastic on the first go round- and then -like a ethereal internet message- i started hearing this wacked out shit - but i couldn't find the page on which it was streaming from - but recognized the voice of that aquiline nosed motherfucker Robert Smigel - who is a funny neighbor- -
so i googled the catch phrase about illegal Honduran plastic surgery - this shit is so funny - its almost better w/o the visuals-

wait for Lionel Ritchie's part- "cam be litte' sey de bonya- yeah jumba lah""

shit is FUCKED UP!!!

and thanks to whatever freak nerd (nice look home slice) who reached out to this amazingly compact black porn star chick(Pinky) for this thing that is one degree away from fat ass midget porn ass shake thing-- yeh NSFW but not like hardcore or anything- just a thick light skinded sis making her pussy pop

holla- oh yeh do yall find this broad hot - cause she could get a 20 minute rinse -if ya know what i mean( subtle huh??) -

oh yeh heres the mika shit- its kool but damn shit sounds like a permanent AM radio -

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Damn is it just me or for an ed-jumacated brother, does D banner sound like he's keeping it a little too real ?? damn thats A LOT of N-bombs for the son of the fire commissioner- who is definitely not an ignorant brother

there should be a term for it - ghetto-wannabe-itis cause this cat is as bourgeois as you wanna be - call him David "class prez" Banner - shit next imma find out he was the valedictorian

he definitely aint these knuckleheads(skip to 4:14) and relax gabi-no thats not a schvantze

also havoc (who is definitely a real lil ghetto dweller - yo you should see that crew - imagine a bunch of black brothers not one of them over 5 ft 8 on some malnourished 3rd world shit) was drunk and high and sounding completely idiotic when he gave that interview on shade 45 - not worthy to be responded to

listen its simple the south got dope bass 808 beats, fly huge horse-ass having women, good tasting heart attack giving colon cancer causing food

new york got a bunch of jews ( really so many jews up here) and that definitely impacts us ya know the gelt is the velt-

banner the thorough dude

here is a promo i did for a concert i am helping to put together

sista carrol is a real rastafarian and so is her whole crew

shit is the shit - and thats it -

Friday, August 17, 2007

hey fuggers

its the begining of my super duper stream of psycho-rao-ka-billy punk crunk - its now or "nower" - no slowdowner - im fittinna rock out and you are welcome to feel the power -on some dolph lundgren on dinosaur soup stylez - im cranking this up like bikers sell broads on ice to0 .

i did the beat - Mr Osbourne on the vocabolariations