Monday, August 20, 2007

you this shit is hilariouso!!! MUcho - i was on supa's site checking out the Mika album preview the sound of which is like eating watermelon jolly ranchers, nerds and gummy bears and that liquid sugar the chinos use for there iced tea drinks with the tapioca - a little too plastic on the first go round- and then -like a ethereal internet message- i started hearing this wacked out shit - but i couldn't find the page on which it was streaming from - but recognized the voice of that aquiline nosed motherfucker Robert Smigel - who is a funny neighbor- -
so i googled the catch phrase about illegal Honduran plastic surgery - this shit is so funny - its almost better w/o the visuals-

wait for Lionel Ritchie's part- "cam be litte' sey de bonya- yeah jumba lah""

shit is FUCKED UP!!!

and thanks to whatever freak nerd (nice look home slice) who reached out to this amazingly compact black porn star chick(Pinky) for this thing that is one degree away from fat ass midget porn ass shake thing-- yeh NSFW but not like hardcore or anything- just a thick light skinded sis making her pussy pop

holla- oh yeh do yall find this broad hot - cause she could get a 20 minute rinse -if ya know what i mean( subtle huh??) -

oh yeh heres the mika shit- its kool but damn shit sounds like a permanent AM radio -

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