Wednesday, August 22, 2007


WTF - this is in some millionare's basement - he was a nerd like Schroeder on silver spoons who now is a 45 yr old weirdo with anamatronic friends- scary stuff - (nah just wildin) but the sync is pretty ill YES??? holla - c'mons content?!?!?! hells yeah!! -im like having a a cool mofo at your home with the remote control-

like smoking a joint with bob marley
im hardly
pressed for impressions
take no half stepping
raw prduct like kane hittin nasal membrane
dont u know im loco
deeper then Jacques Cousteau in Acapulco
run amok put ya best comp in a choke hold
driniking old gold -
cant fuk with steel reserve
shit made me thorw bolts - lighting strikes the curb
like zeus from olympus
i kill the competition like lone wolf killed the ninjas

OOH i got some shit sun - YO THIS STARTS HERE ManNYNewYork- WEBSLINGER® yo im starting a company with that name 2morrow and i claim it as a trademark right mutha fukkin now- lawyer business - seen(yeh i curse alot 2 sorry banner you the man probably just jealous cause you that dude see below)

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Nicole said...

im pretty sure those are the old school characters from showbiz pizza, thats what it was called bfor the rat chucky cheese. thats pretty funny though.