Sunday, August 19, 2007

Damn is it just me or for an ed-jumacated brother, does D banner sound like he's keeping it a little too real ?? damn thats A LOT of N-bombs for the son of the fire commissioner- who is definitely not an ignorant brother

there should be a term for it - ghetto-wannabe-itis cause this cat is as bourgeois as you wanna be - call him David "class prez" Banner - shit next imma find out he was the valedictorian

he definitely aint these knuckleheads(skip to 4:14) and relax gabi-no thats not a schvantze

also havoc (who is definitely a real lil ghetto dweller - yo you should see that crew - imagine a bunch of black brothers not one of them over 5 ft 8 on some malnourished 3rd world shit) was drunk and high and sounding completely idiotic when he gave that interview on shade 45 - not worthy to be responded to

listen its simple the south got dope bass 808 beats, fly huge horse-ass having women, good tasting heart attack giving colon cancer causing food

new york got a bunch of jews ( really so many jews up here) and that definitely impacts us ya know the gelt is the velt-

banner the thorough dude

here is a promo i did for a concert i am helping to put together

sista carrol is a real rastafarian and so is her whole crew

shit is the shit - and thats it -

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