Wednesday, August 22, 2007


last night-
went to the spot called sol on the west side - black woman extraordinare vivica fox was there for her birthday party - she is extraordinare cause she is beginning to look bugged the fuck out with all that west coast magic face love that she fukkin wif {BTW Koury Angelo is the greatest/coolest PHOTOGRAPHER and all the dope photos of the event last night are owned by him so holla at that young pimp}
see dlisted
 party supposed to be at 9:00 PM - WHICH IS RIDICULOUS FOR NYC - open bar right? SO IT CANT BE WRONG! - - wrong !- PLAYED THE OUTSIDE - you know that mannyNY loves girls que tiene culo gigante
LIKE THIS==> ==> ==>

so just keepin tabs- on em waiting for the homey K boogs to show up -
we go in, its still dumb early - like 10 ish - right to the bar i got KUNG FU Kaplan- the martial arts instructor / rabbi lookin bensonhurst nutjob who gives Manny man a run for the title of MR.SUPERNEWYORK - BUT NOT QUITE cause the boroughs will always be bridge and tunnel branded -ain't that right Davey disco?? -
ANYWAZ KAPLAN who was so down for liters of free vodka that he jumped in a cab from the village-WAS COOl- no gripe at all - much cooler than i would have been when - the little long island tart/fart in her tank top and bluejeans goes-"sorry we ran out of the stuff the sponsor was giving away a half hour ago- no more open bar" so back ass-wards!!! did they give your station 2 fukkin bottles-
 Joe one blood cops some beers but the dude is obviously suffering from i-smell-a-gang-of cunt-itis and can't think clearly, cause he hands me an AMSTEL LIGHT- which is gayer than a tree full of parrots
 inside the club - which ironically is named sol( sun in espanish) its colder than Helsinki - still quite a few real talented broads are walking around in 10 dollar dresses and making the the stretch fabric of those mini skirts an afterthought- HMM but damn if there ain't A LOT of homo type black dudes waltzin around up in here- bunch of big assed chicks and gay dudes-??? at 10:30?? how does that auger for this party -
 you see when around sisters/la-tinas & basicaly any newyorkified type chicks and definitely any west Indian gyals , when around these ladies in the disco, my favorite favorite thing is to do the my dick is on your ass dance- which is what everyone is looking forward to right?? so im thinking unless we get more non gay dudes in here to sort of join in this urban version of square dancing/mating ritual, its just gonna be me walking around with the beginnings of a hard on, being like KNOCK KNOCK rub rub, anybody home - ie some behavior that when not en mass should require a "go directly to jail" card!
look over above the initial bar space - there is the rest of the club laid out in swaths of purple and green light - the vivica fox image is projected on the exposed brick face- and the Gargantua of skull island seems to be guarding entry on the stairway leading up- to Jose -"yo is that VIP" "Yo whats good , holla at the dude who was with old girl, that let us in at the gate"
 fuck it, i breeze through on the other side - ahh now this is what im talking about - butt galore- one chick in particular - stereotypical pr features - the PR girl hair, curly like them old school telephone cords or that cork screw pasta with some lighten up shit that makes the hair slightly orange-y..
 WHO-WEEEE wat a culo that shit makes me want to hang her on a hook and beat those slabs like rocky in the meat locker, slabs upon slabs of beef - got to get a good quality digital cam or a treo or something!!
she is with a damn a crew of super bad hoes(no imus) - i can tell cause they all have the same "imma show the crack of my ass with these jeans" philosophy, and nary one of them is wearing a dress-or anything to buck the uniform trend, they are are dancing in a circle facing each other, what are they telepathically communicating to each other "ooh muy sexy annie . tan sexy dolores ooh keisha morenita preciosa do you gurl" " -
jesus Newyork, what a mind fuck, i told you i look like tom hanks and i'm over here possessed by an irresistible impulse to jump the hindquarters of the queen of the Hottentots- - its moments like these that i say damn i gots to go home and work out cause if i got a chance to climb that mountain i need to be tight like Bruce lee poppin his wings out in Dragon - yeh its getting crunk.
Now the parties demographic is balanced- plenty of chix- and now regular dudes, large city dwelling brothers rolling through walking around with bottles of goose - the girls - that scent, brough to you (by strippers probably) cunt masker, the discerning ladies pussy cologne: if your junk stinks he wont know till its too late- plenty of rice and beans or chicken and waffle containers for the pant press rubadub
OH SHIT - SHAQ- that dude is momentous-like gravitational pull style - its like you just wanna hug that guy- in a way its like how Mexicans like to touch the bellies of midgets on some primal shit -
 so a whole bunch of whatever whatever for a few hours- shake it - do the latest
mass media dance from the impoverished sector of the USA- solja boy??? - basically pantomiming a hump off - booty rocking etcetera, what have you...( note to club owner/mafiosi for black music YOU MUST HAVE A SYSTEM THAT CAN HANDLE BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS- this is not the bon jovi treble fest at the mall these people have got to feel the music in there chest, so get it fucking right) - the highlight of the night - my dear friend and HuMAN embodiment of the Google stock phenomena( KA-CHING) casually saunters through the venue
that is one cheerful looking guy-
YES could it be - the black prince could i be right, kid dyn-0-mite - yes Capital One-
the harlem savior - the VOICE - WHAT UP CAP -


lets go-

ok this is me buggin out on the 1000 holla @ me -i got them beats to go -


Nicole said...

at least it wasnt michelob ultra light that might have made yall look like chicks with dicks

Anonymous said...

This is dedicated to all yall fat bitches out there...

U live in a tree
u eat coconuts

ur whole fuckin family is made of buffalo butts

when u sit a seat u need it extra strong

2 to hold u up
so u don't fall down...bitches

Dj Bramski

Anonymous said...

i think i like that track... can you play a version thats ON BEAT... you know.. on beat rymes... on beat mixes... like the real rappers do...

Anonymous said...

that guy is really really ugly.. that wild wirey beard must stink like shit

mannynewyork said...

I smell your soul essence-and its \ "homeless-man on the train changing his 24 layers of plastic bags which he uses as shoes"- GO SUK OUT YU MUMMA PUSSY HOLE!!!!