Saturday, September 29, 2007

YOUR lil HIT-ler (edit) that probably wouldnt work as a term meaning "i am great at seeing what kind of songs should be hits "


HEY - ZEUS - too long - for a re up -
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aight - just some stuff that ya boy likes-

see and FUCK wRONg-SON- cause see - i taught that lil hoe how to dj in exchange for making beats and - he flaked on his end of the deal - but i still love this bitch Amy W.H.'s voice ---shes is bad- fuck context - or who she is biting -whatevs - the bitch is bad - and she is taking that to the bank - shit if you blew up like that and had that gift of transference - and then were surrounded by all that fakery ( hahahah fuckery- see thats the alternate name of the track ) - shit that like a church in los vegas - an innocent in a den of vipers- who wouldn't be self medicating - girl i am here for you - don't extinguish your joy - to cope with the bullshit - much love -

and now (ala MONTY Python) for something completely different

this is what must'a happened to the dork who put together that hitler shit
an amoeba got into the fuckers ear canal -

6 Die From Brain-Eating Amoeba in Lakes
read it - its KKKKRAZZZY
go fuck your dead hams

tell you what i would like to find a chick with a culo like this - and squirt some amoebas ALL OVER IT COTT DAYUM

AND LASTLY BLACK PEOPLE - STOP WITH THE BLUE TOOTH - THAT SHIT MEANS YOUR A BIG FAG- JUST STOP - - of course i would never say that to melle mell unless i was ready to take out the Hammer

PLUS WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH MELLE MEL BIG ASS HEAD- DAMN - BREATHE DOGS- BREATHE - YOU GOT TO MUCH PRESSURE BUILDING UP THERE- SHEEET look at him in comparison to this little ivy league beige mofo next to him - melle never pose with people unless you can take like three steps back to balance things out -

aight -

no more fuckery -
I love my girl Gabi -

peace -e

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